Physical Therapy & Pilates


“RehabPilates Physical Therapy & Pilates was my 4th stop on my journey to address lower back pain shooting down to my feet. It’s my final stop since the problem is happily now under control! Finding Rehab Pilates was a relief, and so is living with little to no pain. I plan to continue with my Pilates strength / flexibility training as Lorna moves her business into a larger place up the road.”– David C.

“Physical Therapy and Pilates with Lorna has helped me become a smarter dancer with more awareness of my body movement. After my knee rehab I became more aware of how fragile a human body is but at the same time how resilient and strong we can be. – Gloria Perez

“After trying multiple physical therapists, I was really lucky to find Lorna’s studio. Lorna really cares about her patients and is very knowledgeable in physical therapy. She helped me return back to work after suffering from thoracic outlet syndrome.

I came to Lorna when I was not able to raise my arms. She was able to improve my arms mobility through physical therapy and get it back to normal in a short period of time. She also helped improve my posture.

Lorna tailors Pilates classes to specific patients needs and is very attentive to all participants. I was able to feel stronger after just couple of classes. Each class has variety of movements that exercises all body muscles.

Lorna has such fun personality and is very creative! I am always looking forward to having the class. I know that I will leave smiling and in good mood no matter what else is on my mind.” – Irina

“I have been to various physical therapists for a frozen shoulder and she is the only one who has really helped me – and in a lot less sessions than my other therapists.” – Rosemary C.

“People have noticed. After injuring my back I didn’t think I’d ever gain the muscle tone I had when I was a dancer. But with Pilates, I have!” – Luna Salaver

“I started Pilates to help recover from a dislocated shoulder. The class has done more than just help my shoulder, my posture has noticeably improved, I feel taller and just all around better!” – Adrienne Granger

“I’ve been doing Pilates for one year and I remember how stiff my joints were and how restricted my movement was. Now I am enjoying the dramatic improvement in my ability to move.” – Patti Turnage

“In 6 weeks, my posture has improved greatly from doing Pilates and I feel so much stronger and taller.” – Terri Stearman