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Physical Therapy…Pilates…Sports Injuries…Sports Rehab

Initial Assessment – On the first day we will review your medical history and your mechanism of injury. We evaluate the problem area, assessing range of motion, joint and soft tissue mobility, strength and muscle balance. We may also be assessing your balance and walking ability.

Physical Therapy – Our team of highly trained professionals specialize in the assessment and treatment of a variety of injuries, disabilities and movement disorders. We work to help you achieve your pre-injury level of function, decrease pain and improve performance. Our findings at your evaluation determine the plan of care and methods that will be used to improve your condition.

Manual Therapy – We emphasize hands on care with joint mobilization and soft tissue release techniques for pain relief and restoring muscle balance.

Within the physical therapy profession, manual therapy is defined as a clinical approach utilizing skilled, specific hands-on techniques, including but not limited to manipulation/ mobilization, used by the physical therapist to diagnose and treat soft tissues and joint structures for the purpose of modulating pain.

Soft tissue massage and myofascial release are techniques to help elongate muscle tissue and fascia. Muscle is a contractile tissue while fascia is the layer of tissue that surrounds muscle and envelops the body beneath the skin. These structures can be adhered down restricting movement and causing pain. In order to improve mobility we may use manual therapy techniques to improve elasticity of the soft tissue and connective tissue surrounding a joint.

Pilates Exercise – At RehabPilates, we incorporate the Pilates method of exercise training with controlled movement patterns, isolated muscle activation and dynamic stretching and strengthening. The Pilates apparatus helps to assist or resist the motion you are improving as we progress your exercise program.

RehabPilates Physical Therapy | San Leandro CA RehabPilates Physical Therapy | San Leandro CA

Why Pilates? How Can it Help me?

Pilates is an alternative method of fitness for improving total well-being, flexibility and strength. It is different than the traditional gym strengthening approach to build bulk, which often leads to muscle imbalances and potential injuries. The Pilates Method emphasizes fluid movement with breath control and full body awareness. Pilates movement is done with a high degree of precision to recruit the deeper core muscles of the body to develop the powerhouse. This type of strengthening is beneficial to heal and prevent injuries.


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